Version 2

Hello!  We are Scott and Lexi Adams!  I started this blog for many reasons:

  1. Our family is always asking about our adventures!  We wanted a place where our loved ones could come, read about our trips, and start conversations with us and each other without the structure of social media.
  2. We want the memories we are making now to last a life time, and one way to do that is through documentation and sharing.
  3. We know that our first years of marriage are going to be full of excitement and travel and, thus, now is the time to get started.

Some of our readers may not know much about us.  Here are 10 facts to give you a little taste of who we are:

  1. We met at Washington State University in Pullman, WA and will always be Cougs at heart!
  2. We got engaged at the tops of Mount Rainier surrounded by wildflowers in the middle of August DSC_0109.jpg
  3. We have two dogs who control our lives:  A border collie named Bagool and a toy Australian Shepherd named Shiva.IMG_3319
  4. Lexi is a math instructor and private tutor in Seattle, Washington and Scott is the vice president of a finance committee for a Native American tribe in Auburn, California.
  5. Lexi loves hot yoga and Scott loves…pretty much all sports and ran a marathon last year.
  6. We love concerts (some favorites: Odesza, Bassnectar, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Rebelution, Iration, Dirty Heads, and Adele), football games (especially WSU Cougars and Seattle Seahawks), and getting outside.
  7. Since becoming a couple, Scott has taught Lexi how to ride a motorcycle and how to ski.  Lexi has taught Scott calculus and a couple tunes on the piano.
  8. Lexi is a huge sucker for coffee and red wine.  Scott is addicted to hot sauce and kombucha.
  9. We love all music, but have a special love for reggae and Tom Petty.  We did our first dance at our wedding to “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty and Lexi walked down the aisle to the acoustic version of “Fade Away” by Rebelution.
  10. We both have a major case of wanderlust and are determined to see half of the world before bringing any extra family members into it.  On the short list are another trip to Europe, South East Asia, and South America.

If you are reading this, thank you!  I hope you enjoy hearing about some of our adventures or at the very least, enjoying the scenery in Scott’s photos.


P.S. follow us on Instagram at @lexipaigeadams

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