A Christmas Trip to Colorado

This is, first and foremost, a travel blog.  Throughout the three years for which we have been attached at the hip, we have been traveling.  It seems only right that the first blog post would go way back to our first year together when the traveling began.

After Scott graduated from WSU in May 2014, he began a second Bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University and thus began a long distance relationship between us.  During the year that we were apart we took many trips to several cities throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest.  The most eventful of these trips was our holiday adventure in Colorado which included stops in Fort Collins, Denver and Copper Mountain.

Upon my arrival in Colorado, Scott took me to the Denver aquarium, Six Flags and even the Denver zoo.


This is the first (and, so far, last) time I saw an aquarium with a HUGE tiger exhibit.  I cannot explain the shock we felt after walking through an exhibit with sharks, barracudas, rays, and eels straight into a relatively small and damp room with two MASSIVE Siberian tigers right in the middle of it.  It was the closest I’ve gotten to a tiger and the most surprised I’ve ever been to see one!

After our days of tourism in Denver, we engaged in one of our favorite pastimes:  walking around “Old Town” in Fort Collins and getting just a little bit drunk.  One of our favorite spots was called La Luz (http://laluzgrill.com) because we are suckers for Mexican food and a strong Margarita!  If you’re ever there, get a Pomegranate Marg, trust me.

After Fort Collins we went to spend Christmas with Scott’s family in a rented ski cabin (more like ski mansion) on Copper Mountain.


This would be a place of many firsts:  our first Christmas together, Bagool’s first candy cane bone, and my first time skiing.  Day one of skiing: AWESOME!  I’M A NATURAL!  A SKIING PRODIGY!!  Day two of skiing (after the runs were groomed and the skiing was much faster):  Definitely not a natural, the soreness is unreal.  The was also a very special Christmas because it was my first and last Christmas with Scott’s cousin, Adam, who we lost to a car accident in May of last year.  Luckily, he comes up again in this adventure 🙂

We spent our first New Years wandering Old Town once again.  We should have known that ALL of the restaurants would be full and we would be starving after a few cocktails.  Out of pure luck we stumbled into a crazy good seafood restaurant and they had a reservation cancellation for two.  We would not get to order off of the menu but would have to go with the pre-set couples meal.  We agreed and have ZERO regrets!  We tried true caviar for the first time and sampled lobster, crab, and some bomb vino.  Would definitely recommend Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar (http://www.jaxfishhouse.com/fort-collins/).


Not only did we get to spend Christmas with Adam, we all got to go to our first game at Mile High Stadium!


This would not be the last time that Scott and I decided to squeeze in one more activity before one of us had to catch a flight.  My flight back to Washington had to be rescheduled due to good beers, good company and a TERRIBLE loss to the Indianapolis Colts in the play-offs!  Luckily, we are true Seahawks fans and the Broncos are only our #2 team, but when in Rome, right?

Eventually, I will be more up-to-date with my posts and not reliving old memories, but for now I am loving taking you all back to 2014 where it all began.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Trip to Colorado

  1. Lori Bell

    Love this!! Blog away. My only regret in life is not writing down our adventures for postarities sake! Love you and look forward to reading about all you see!


  2. Grandma Sara

    Fantastic idea, we will love following your future love and adventures.
    Loving you has been an adventure for us, all of your lovely life! Grandma and Tata too😍


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